Africa Working Group Manual

Manual on Best Practices for the Establishment and Management of National Mechanisms for Genocide and Mass Atrocities Prevention

The initiative to create this Manual originates from the global meeting GAAMAC II held in Manila in February 2016, when UN Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide, Mr. Adama Dieng, invited all participants to brainstorm and formulate concrete proposals to more effectively prevent atrocities. This resulted in the formation of regional working groups addressing issues pertinent to their region.

This first regional product from the Africa Working Group (AWG) aims to provide good practices in the establishment and management of national mechanisms to strengthen atrocity prevention, drawn from systems and experiences in African countries.

The Manual was elaborated by GAAMAC II's Africa Working Group, in collaboration with the Uganda National Committee for Genocide and Mass Atrocity Prevention under the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region. It has been showcased and revised after intensive discussions held at the global meeting GAAMAC III in Uganda in May 2018. 

The Manual was produced thanks to funding from the Swiss Government. Its dissemination was made possible with the support of the Danish Government. The translation of the Manual into French was financed by the International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect (ICRtoP).

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I am convinced that the Manual on best practices developed by the Africa Working Group in the framework of GAAMAC will go a long way in contributing to achieving the shared vision of prevention and responsibility to protect in Africa and beyond. This Manual underscores the importance of strengthening national mechanisms or state capacities and institutions of governance: it is a guide to adopting common standards for implementation and compliance at national and regional levels with the active support of the international community."

- Ambassador Liberata Mulamula, Patron-GAAMAC Africa Working Group

Strengthening national prevention mechanisms is a central tenet of effective atrocity prevention. This manual provides valuable insights, based on concrete examples of how it has actually been done in various contexts. The sharing of such best practices is at the core of GAAMAC and as such a particularly welcome contribution towards preventing atrocity crimes."

- Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland

It has become a commonplace to talk about "operationalising R2P" - but this manual actually does it. It provides an accessible walkthrough for how to work on atrocity prevention based on concrete examples from the African continent. It will be helpful to all interested in making R2P work."

- Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark

This manual helps key stakeholders in different countries to turn rhetoric to action regarding the laws, mechanisms and protocols required to prevent and stop the commission of mass atrocity crimes."

- International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect (ICRtoP)