This panel will bring together experts to explore how Special Procedures mandate holders can overcome challenges to the prevention of atrocities and ways the UN can effectively utilize early warning signs provided by Special Procedures. This event is organized by Costa Rica, Luxembourg, Sierra Leone and Switzerland, and the Global Centre for the Responsibility. 

The event will take place online on Dec 7, 2021, at 2:00 pm UTC. The event is open to all. 

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Organized By : Sentinel Project

GAAMAC partner The Sentinel Project will take part in a workshop at the Internet Governance Forum in Katowice, Poland. The workshop will adddress the risk of harm that emerges from abusive online interactions and scrutinise the need for human rights to be more actively integrated into how online spaces are governed, moderated and managed. 

The workshop will take place online on Wednesday 8 November at 8:30 UTC. 

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The Internet Governance Forum will take place from 6-10 December. It is open to all but registration is compulsory.

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In recognition of Human Rights Day, FXB Center is hosting a conversation on the book “Time for Reparations: A Global Perspective.” The book includes case studies of state injustices and explores reparations. 

The event will take place online on Dec 10, 2021, 2:00 pm-5:00 pm UTC. This event is open to all. 

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Organized By : International Coalition of Sites of Conscience (ICSC)

Join Pratima Narayan, Senior Program Manager with the Global Initiative for Justice, Truth and Reconciliation, as she speaks with partners about the renewed Global Responsibility to Protect and the ways that communities and the private sector can transform early warning into early action against racism, ethnic discrimination, and xenophobia.

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Organized By : International Center for Transitional Justice

As the idea of prevention has been prioritized by the international community, understanding the role of transitional justice has become more imperative.

The course will look at practical examples of current, past, and paradigmatic transitional justice processes and their contribution to prevention. Country experiences to be discussed may include Colombia, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Peru, South Africa, Syria, Central African Republic, Morocco, and the Philippines. The aim is to provide course participants with a firm grounding in transitional justice efforts and insight into the challenges and opportunities of helping to avoid the recurrence of violations, violence, and violent conflict.

Applications must be submitted before 14 January 2022. More information here.