GAAMAC IV: Save the Date

Hate speech, discrimination and incitement to hostility and violence are serious warning signs along the path that can lead to the commission of atrocities and no society is immune. Countering these risk factors and preventing escalation towards atrocity crimes is possible when they are identified and addressed early enough through effective national policies and mechanisms. 

GAAMAC’s fourth Global Meeting will take place online from the 15th to the 18th of November 2021 and will foster a multi-stakeholder dialogue on “Strengthening national efforts to address hate speech, discrimination and prevent incitement”.

See the agenda of GAAMAC IV

GAAMAC IV will bring together a diversity of global actors from states, civil society, academia, international and regional organizations and the private sector in an inspiring and interactive online space. It will equip participants to explore the root causes and drivers of these risk factors and identify concrete policies and mechanisms for states to develop a whole range of preventive efforts in collaboration with civil society actors.

The event is jointly hosted by the members of GAAMAC’s Steering Group, in cooperation with the United Nations Office of the Special Adviser on Genocide Prevention and with the support of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.  

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