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Atrocities as the New Normal: Time to Re-Energize the “Never Again” Movement

7 Feb 2019

Human Rights Watch’s Deputy Director for Global Advocacy has written an impassioned piece for more action to be taken to prevent and end atrocities.

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The play “Breaking the Silence” to tour Cambodia, carrying a message of reconciliation

15 Jan 2019

A play that premiered ten years ago in Cambodia is making a return in 2019, aimed at promoting understanding and reconciliation.

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“If not now, when?”: The Responsibility to Protect, the Fate of the Rohingya and the Future of Human Rights

11 Jan 2019

New occasional paper by Dr. Simon Adams, Executive Director of the Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect.

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Podcast: 12 Years That Shook the World

4 Jan 2019

The US Holocaust Memorial Museum has created a podcast series examining the impact of the Holocaust both then and now.

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Is Genocide Predictable? Researchers Say Absolutely

21 Dec 2018

Genocide is predictable. On this, researchers and experts agree. What data should be examined to be able to make a prediction is however subject to debate.

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Implementing the Responsibility to Protect in the Asia Pacific: An Assessment of Progress and Challenges

20 Dec 2018

The Asia Pacific Centre for the Responsibility to Protect has released a new study evaluating the efforts of the 20 states within the Asia Pacific region to implement the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) nationally and regionally.

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Third Global Forum Against the Crime of Genocide

11 Dec 2018

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia hosted the Third Global Forum Against the Crime of Genocide from 9 to 11 December 2018 in Yerevan. The theme of this third Global Forum was genocide prevention through education, culture and museums.

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Beyond Killing: Gender, Genocide, and Obligations Under International Law

7 Dec 2018

The Global Justice Center has released the first comprehensive legal analysis of the gender-based crime of genocide in a report titled Beyond Killing: Gender, Genocide, and Obligations Under International Law.

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Genocide and other Atrocity Crimes: Toward Remedies

29 Nov 2018

Joachim J. Savelsberg of the University of Minnesota has published a book chapter in Global Agenda for Social Justice titled "Genocide and other Atrocity Crimes: Toward Remedies".

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Making "never again" a reality: What Germany can contribute during its next term in the Security Council toward preventing mass atrocities

28 Nov 2018

In a recent publication by the Auschwitz Institute for Peace and Reconciliation and the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, the authors outline a proposal for how Germany should use its 2019-2020 seat on the UN Security Council to advance atrocity prevention. Noting that its membership offers the...

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Khmer Rouge trials remind us of importance of justice for survivors

16 Nov 2018

A landmark judgment by the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC) reminds us that justice is vital for the survivors of atrocities.

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Vergangenheitsarbeit und Prävention von Gräueltaten miteinander verknüpfen

14 Nov 2018

GAAMAC Chair Mô Bleeker has written a blog post for PeaceLab, in which she calls upon Switzerland and Germany to work together to find solutions to dealing with the past and atrocity prevention (in German).

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Independent Assessment of the Human Rights Impact of Facebook in Myanmar

6 Nov 2018

Facebook has responded to an independent assessment of its human rights impact in Myanmar, which it had mandated and which was carried out by Business for Social Responsibility (BSR).

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International Declaration on Information and Democracy

6 Nov 2018

The International Declaration on Information and Democracy stresses that the communication and information space is a common good and has social, cultural and democratic value, which must be protected.

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Preventing Mass Atrocities

5 Nov 2018

Ramesh Thakur stresses the importance of R2P as a global norm, which represents "an acceptance of the duty of care by all of us".

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The Rohingya Genocide: Compilation and Analysis of Survivors’ Testimonies

25 Oct 2018

The Centre for the Study of Genocide and Justice (CSGJ) of the Liberation War Museum published its report on The Rohingya Genocide: Compilation and Analysis of Survivors’ Testimonies.

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Six Steps to End Sexual Violence in War

17 Oct 2018

Melanne Verveer and Zainab Bangura recommend six steps to end sexual violence in conflict.

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"UN briefings: General Assembly 2018" by UNA-UK

26 Sep 2018

The United Nations Association of the United Kingdom (UNA-UK) has prepared a comprehensive guide to this year's UN General Assembly meeting, including a chapter on Atrocity Prevention.

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Strengthening Cooperation for Atrocity Prevention in the Asia Pacific

25 Sep 2018

Between 21 and 23 August 2018, actors in atrocity prevention met in Bangkok, Thailand, to assess the state of atrocity prevention and the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) in the region, and make commitments for the future.

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