As a service to the atrocity prevention community, GAAMAC posts news directly relevant to atrocity prevention. The opinions expressed in the news articles do not represent the views of GAAMAC, its Steering Group or any partner organization.

Opportunity for Practitioners in Genocide and Mass Atrocity Prevention

21 Feb 2020

The Institute for Genocide and Mass Atrocity Prevention (I-GMAP) at Binghamton University/The State University of New York is looking for two genocide and mass atrocity practitioners for a residential stay of one academic semester, supported by the Charles E. Scheidt Family Foundation.

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UN Security Council to hold an open debate on transitional justice

13 Feb 2020

On 13 February 2020, the Security Council will hold a debate on “transitional justice in conflict and post-conflict situations” under the peacebuilding and sustaining peace agenda item.

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GAAMAC Asia Pacific Study group meets in Bangkok

31 Jan 2020

On 29 January 2020, the GAAMAC Asia Pacific Study Group, formed at GAAMAC III in Kampala, Uganda, met in Bangkok, Thailand to workshop a draft report on preventing hate speech, incitement, and discrimination.

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Addressing the weaponization of social media

17 Jan 2020

GAAMAC partner the Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies (MIGS) has been at the cutting edge of identifying trends regarding social media and online hate, as well as sensitizing state actors and civil society groups to its potential dangers.

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South Sudan peace agreement signed in Rome

15 Jan 2020

The Rome Declaration was signed on 13 January 2020 after many days of dialogue facilitated by the Community of Sant’Egidio between members of the central government of South Sudan and representatives of the opposition movements.

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Asia Pacific Study Group prepares report on hate speech

20 Dec 2019

The Asia Pacific Study Group, formed at GAAMAC III in Kampala, 2018, is currently preparing a report on Preventing Hate Speech, Incitement, and Discrimination: Lessons on Promoting Tolerance and Respect for Diversity in the Asia Pacific.

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Digital Accountability Symposium: Weapons of Mass Media–Facebook News and a Call to Accountability

17 Dec 2019

For anyone concerned about the weaponization of social media to further atrocities, the dangers of Facebook’s new feature Facebook News are unprecedented, writes Shannon Raj Singh.

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Human Rights and Preventing Mass Atrocities: Making the Connection

12 Dec 2019

On 4 December, GAAMAC partner Rights for Peace held a panel discussion on the prevention of atrocities. Find a summary of the event here.

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GCR2P held two events on hate speech in 2019

25 Nov 2019

Highlighting the correlation between hate speech and the commission of atrocity crimes is an important component of GAAMAC Steering Group member the Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect (GCR2P)’s work.

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How partnership helps to resolve clan conflict in the Philippines

20 Nov 2019

To mitigate the effects of clan conflicts, an international civil society organisation has partnered with local organisations in Mindanao, Philippines, to set up Community Safety Working Groups.

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The young Ethiopians working for peace

15 Nov 2019

In Ethiopia, around 130 “peace ambassadors” are working alongside elders and government officials on improving community relations.

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What South Africa can teach the U.S. about reparations

13 Nov 2019

In June 2019, the U.S. House of Representatives discussed the issue of reparations for slavery and subsequent discriminatory laws. In an article for the Washington Post, Ereshnee Naidu-Silverman from GAAMAC partner International Coalition of Sites of Conscience, explains that reparations can make a difference, but only if they are accompanied by truth-telling.

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Coalition for Genocide Response

8 Nov 2019

A new Coalition for Genocide Response was launched in the United Kingdom's parliament this month. 

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Global Survivors Fund: A fund for survivors of conflict-related sexual violence

31 Oct 2019

Nobel Peace Prize winners Nadia Murad and Dr Denis Mukwege have set up the Global Survivors Fund, which will raise and allocate resources to survivors of conflict-related sexual violence. 

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Reproducing Impunity: Gendering the Draft Convention on Crimes against Humanity

30 Oct 2019

In this month’s factsheet, GAAMAC partner Global Justice Center takes a look at how the International Law Commission could strengthen the draft treaty on crimes against humanity on the crimes of forced pregnancy.

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Implementing the Responsibility to Protect: A Future Agenda

29 Oct 2019

A new edited book titled “Implementing the Responsibility to Protect: A Future Agenda” has been published.

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Focus on 2020: Opportunities for the twentieth anniversary of Resolution 1325

29 Oct 2019

paper by the International Peace Institute (IPI), identifies opportunities for the twentieth anniversary of the women, peace and security (WPS) agenda.

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Universal jurisdiction: Prosecution of Daesh member and Syrian nationals in Germany

29 Oct 2019

Using the principle of universal jurisdiction, Germany is starting the first prosecution of a member of Daesh on counts of genocide and has charged two alleged former Syrian secret service officers with crimes against humanity.

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Free exhibition "Forgotten Victims"

29 Oct 2019

A free exhibition titled Forgotten Victims in the Wiener Holocaust Library in London attempts to draw attention to the Roma and Sinti victims of the Holocaust.

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