Final Report by the International People's Tribunal 1965

31 Jul 2016 0:0

An international panel of the Judges who participated in the hearings organized in November 2015 by the International People's Tribunal (IPT) 1965 released their final report of the hearings. 

As a people’s tribunal, the IPT 1965 was established to end the impunity for crimes against humanity committed in Indonesia in and after 1965 and derives its moral authority from the voices of victims, and of national and international civil societies. The Tribunal will have the format of a formal human rights court, but it is not a criminal court.

The final report begins by addressing the overarching question of responsibility for the mass murders and other crimes; it then focuses on the counts presented by the Prosecution and in an amicus curiae (Latin for "friend of the court") Brief submitted to the Tribunal; and concludes with a series of findings and recommendations.

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