Chair's Message on International Day of Peace 2019

21 Sep 2019 11:45

While no society is immune from violence and atrocities, every society also has the potential to live in peace. 

Peace requires a permanent effort by States, civil society and committed individuals; to ensure that societies are fully inclusive, that diversity is managed with respect and considered as a core value, and that everyone’s rights are protected. Where conflicts have left a legacy of pain and grievances, it is crucial to address these grievances and old wounds. 

A culture of non-violence and peaceful management of conflict shall be widely disseminated through education, beginning with girls and boys. 

Peace goes hand in hand with security, rule of law, development and equal opportunities for all. 

Building peace is both a responsibility and a privilege of States and all public servants. It is also an honor for women and men, young and old: each act of courage and commitment counts and makes a difference.  

The GAAMAC community of commitment, united in prevention,  is both a wonderful promise and a resource to contribute to a better world, where communities and societies free themselves from the fear of war and destruction, thanks to their engagement to prevent violence, hate and discrimination and their vibrant commitment for a world of solidarity and non violence.