The Sentinel Project's Hatebase

20 Sep 2019 12:52

The Sentinel Project, which works with at-risk communities and technology to prevent atrocities, has a new initiative: Hatebase. Hatebase is the world's largest multilingual database of online hate speech. The platform works by maintaining an actively updated lexicon of keywords that indicate hate speech. The lexicon applied in different contexts following certain rules to determine whether the sighting of a particular word in a given piece of online content is hateful in nature towards a particular group of people. This has enabled Hatebase to build a database available to researchers, NGOs, government agencies, and companies that work to confront the serious problem of online hate speech.

Sentinel is looking for volunteers from around the world who can contribute their knowledge of different languages to help enhance Hatebase's capabilities. More information about how volunteers can help out with the project can be found here.