First Things First: Prioritize Mass Atrocity Prevention

30 Jul 2019 10:12

In this piece published by PeaceLab, Chiara de Franco, an Associate Professor in International Relations at the University of Southern Denmark, calls for the development of a coherent approach to atrocity prevention at European Union (EU) level, mainstreamed through its security, development, and trade policies.

She assesses that although some progress has been made since the publication of the Report of the Task Force on the European Union Prevention of Mass Atrocities in 2013, and for which she coordinated research, many issues remain. In her opinion, these include:

  • A lack of consensus leading to fragmented and interest-based action;
  • Misperceptions regarding atrocity prevention as being key to/for European strategic objectives;
  • The necessity to work towards political prioritization, to establish a structural prevention approach and to sharpen effective warning-response mechanisms.