United Nations Strategy and Plan of Action on Hate Speech

21 Jun 2019 0:0

On 18 June 2019, United Nations (UN) Secretary-General Mr. António Guterres launched the United Nations Strategy and Plan of Action on Hate Speech. The purpose of the Strategy is to expand the understanding of the impact of hate speech among UN entities, with the aim to enhance UN efforts to address root causes and drivers of hate speech, and to enable effective UN responses to its impact on societies.

In his remarks, Mr. Guterres declared that “addressing hate speech does not mean limiting or prohibiting freedom of speech. It means keeping hate speech from escalating into something more dangerous, particularly incitement to discrimination, hostility and violence, which is prohibited under international law. […] This will not only prevent it from escalating. It will support progress across our entire agenda, from preventing conflict and terrorism, to ending violence against women and other serious violations of human rights, to building peaceful and resilient societies”.

Mr. Guterres designated his Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide Mr. Adama Dieng as Focal Point for the implementation of the Strategy and Plan of Action. In this capacity, Mr. Dieng will oversee and facilitate the development of more specific guidance on the implementation process.