A gathering storm: on engaging with human rights laws

6 Mar 2018 0:0

Priya Pillai, a Manila-based consultant with expertise in international law and a participant of GAAMAC II, wrote an article for The Hindu on the serious erosion of international human rights law in recent times, arguing that “it is not just the erosion of human rights but the normalization of it that is of concern”.

In extreme cases, an environment in which rights are minimized may be more conducive to mass atrocity crimes (genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansing). To counter this dangerous trend, what is needed is more engagement of national and regional human rights initiatives with the international level. However, states increasingly retreat from international human rights initiatives. As Ms. Pillai argues, “while not a panacea, effective engagement with international human rights law is necessary in an era where rights are increasingly being stifled in many countries.”