In laws, rhetoric and acts of violence, Europe is rewriting dark chapters of its past

22 Feb 2018 0:0

According to Gregory Stanton’s famous ten stages of genocide, denial is the final stage. The same can be said for other mass atrocities (crimes against humanity, war crimes and ethnic cleansing), where to prevent their recurrence, they must first be remembered and acknowledged as past crimes. A recent Washington Post article takes a closer look at Europe, which with its emphasis on remembrance in the service of “never again,” has long been regarded as a model for reckoning with the horrors of the past. Today, however, the continent’s 20th century dark detours are again being subjected to revision. The degree to which politicians are stoking racial and religious prejudices is exceptional many say experts, and they point to a recent spike in violence as a consequence. Remembering history and never forgetting lessons learned is vital in preventing the recurrence of mass atrocities.