Rumour Investigation in Kenya

5 Aug 2017 0:0

The Sentinel Project’s mission is to assist communities threatened by mass atrocities through direct cooperation with the people in harm’s way and the innovative use of technology. The organization has always prioritized the use of technological tools ranging from simple ones like mobile-based SMS (text messaging) system Una Hakika to relatively complex ones like unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or drones) in vulnerable communities to assist proactive interventions and mitigate volatile situations.

Una Hakika in Kenya has evolved from a research project mapping the flow of rumours in the Tana Delta into a full-fledged organization operating in the counties of Tana River, Lamu, and Nairobi with more than 13,000 subscribers and 450 trained volunteers as well a track record of investigating hundreds of rumours.

Una Hakika’s objective is to provide verified and accurate information to communities threatened by conflict in order to reduce the negative impact of incendiary rumours that have contributed to fueling violence in the Tana Delta and elsewhere in Kenya.