WANEP Appeals for Sustained Dialogue and Not Violence in Bimbilla

14 Feb 2017 0:0

The West Africa Network for Peacebuilding, Ghana (WANEPGhana) and its member organizations notes with great concern the recent conflict in Bimbilla between the Nakpaa and Andani families which has resulted in the death of a child and nine other persons mostly women. Several people have also been injured while houses were destroyed leading to internal displacements from both sides.

Though social conflicts often increase the risk of negative expressions between disputing parties, WANEP-Ghana condemns the perpetuation of violence in the Bimbilla crisis. Such actions reinforce a vicious cycle of violence, which destroys existing cohesion and opportunity to promote mechanisms for dispute resolution. The recent spate of violence fosters further division, mistrust, fear, social and economic impoverishment of the area.

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