Update on recent activities on behalf of GAAMAC

10 Nov 2014 6:58

October 10, 2014

Following the GAAMAC meeting of March 2014 in San José, Costa Rica, a video/telephone conference was convened between the six GAAMAC partner states, on October 10, 2014, in order to have an exchange on the developments since March, and to discuss and plan the next steps emanating from the final Chair Statement of the Costa Rica meeting. Representatives from Argentina, Australia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Switzerland and Tanzania participated in the discussion, together with the UN Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide, Adama Dieng, as a special guest.

During this first video/teleconference after the March 2014 meeting, the participants focused primarily on what GAAMAC’s mission statement should be. The necessity to further clarify in a physical meeting some elements of the GAAMAC Chair Statement was confirmed. This would ascertain a common understanding and language in order to develop the mission statement and organizational structure.

Participants also discussed the "principles to be proposed for being associated on a voluntary basis with GAAMAC," which are part of recommendations in the Costa Rica Chair Statement. The telephone conference offered an opportunity to share the partners’ views regarding the value-added of GAAMAC with regard to disseminating information and establishing a virtual platform for knowledge-sharing, providing a mechanism for exchange of good practice and experience, and linking needs and opportunities for expertise and training. The exchange further showed the need for GAAMAC to be a forum that brings networks together and promotes trust and synergy between governments and among governments and civil society. It was stressed that GAAMAC should be fully complementary to the work of other actors and networks, avoid duplication when elaborating its functions and activities, and ensure full participation of civil society organizations at national and global levels so as to benefit from their knowledge and expertise.

With regard to the organizational structure, consensus on the degree of formality and optimal structure to realize GAAMAC’s aims could not be reached.

Although not discussed at this telephone conference, the mapping of existing structures, networks and resources has been initiated and will, of course, continue and be presented at the next GAAMAC meeting. This should help excluding risks of duplication between GAAMAC and existing structures so as to make GAAMAC most effective in its action.

The six GAAMAC partner states will keep all the participants of the Costa Rica meeting informed of further steps taken towards implementing the recommendations of the Costa Rica meeting. We look forward to reporting further progress in the near future.

The six partner states: Argentina, Australia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Switzerland, The United Republic of Tanzania.