Gender, Genocide & Obligations under International Law - CANCELED

13-14 Mar 2020 | McGill University Faculty of Law, Montreal

Organized By : Global Justice Center

Given the rapidly developing situation around the Covid-19 virus, and especially in light of the WHO's declaration of COVID-19 as a pandemic yesterday, this event is postponed until further notice. 

Despite a greater emphasis on sexual violence and gender-specific crimes in recent international justice efforts, genocide continues to be understood as being committed primarily through mass murder. Discussions around surfacing gender furthermore retain a limited focus on women and girls as victims of sexual violence, rather than considering the wider significance of gender to the destruction of groups.

This conference, among leading scholars and practitioners, draws on these recent efforts to reflect on a gendered understanding of the crime of genocide. It focuses in particular on the inextricable role that gender plays in genocide, and the relevance of this understanding in the fulfillment by States of their obligations of prevention and punishment under the Genocide Convention.

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