Mass Atrocities and International Justice: An effective Deterrent?

16 Jul 2020 | Online

Organized By : Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect

In addition to progress at the International Criminal Court and various international tribunals, over the past decade the international community has developed a number of innovative mechanisms to ensure accountability for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. This includes the establishment of hybrid courts, the authorization of a variety of international investigative mechanisms, the application of universal jurisdiction, as well as the historic case filed by The Gambia at the International Court of Justice against Myanmar for failing to uphold its obligations under the Genocide Convention.

The four panelists will draw upon their unique expertise to discuss how international justice mechanisms have been useful in preventing and punishing atrocity crimes. In a time when multilateralism, human rights and international law appear to be under threat in so many parts of the world, what can we learn from the proliferation of accountability mechanisms and the ongoing struggle to advance international justice?

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