COVID-19, Transitional Justice and Atrocity Prevention

18 Jun 2020 | Online

Organized By : International Coalition of Sites of Conscience (ICSC)

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically affected, in almost wholly negative ways, many facets of life in every region in the world – from economic stability to physical and emotional well-being. Largely included in this trend are transitional justice efforts in a variety of contexts around the globe. Not only have processes themselves been curtailed in some countries, but reports of human rights violations during the pandemic have added new dimensions to ongoing procedures.

In this webinar co-organised with GAAMAC partner International Sites of Conscience, practitioners, activists and survivors from Africa, Asia and Latin America will speak about the challenges the pandemic has posed in their countries – as well as the occasional positive developments such as discussions around ceasefires – and the lessons we can learn to ensure that transitional justice and atrocity prevention efforts are not as affected during similar events in the future. To register, click here.