Organized By : Peace Direct

From May 25-26, the Alliance for PeacebuildingCDA Collaborative Learning, and Peace Direct will invite local activists, changemakers, organizers, healers, and peacebuilders to a two-day conversation on the ‘Closing Civic Space.’   

The term civil society refers to a diverse group of organisations, including faith-based groups, cultural organisations, and advocacy groups. It is a vital component of ensuring lasting peace and democracy; one that is currently under threat.   

Amidst the current global COVID-19 pandemic, growing scrutiny of systemic injustices and rising violence and polarisation, civil society organisations are facing increasing strain as they continue to serve their communities around the world.  

This multitude of challenges disproportionately affects fragile and conflict-affected communities. It has become increasingly clear there is a need to engage with the wider peacebuilding community on these challenges, and find appropriate solutions.  

We invite local activists, changemakers, organizers, healers, and peacebuilders to a two-day conversation from May 25-26, 2021 on the issue of ‘Closing Civic Space.’  

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Organized By : Peace Direct

On Thursday, May 6th, at 10:00am EDTMegan RenoirDimitri Kotsiras, and Aji CeesayPeace Direct‘s Programmes and Research team, will lead a M&E Thursday Talk discussion on “Escaping ‘Perpetual Beginnings’: Challenges and Opportunities for Local Atrocity Prevention in the DRC”.



Organized By : Peace Direct

The U.S. YPS Coalition is launching the #Yes4YPS webinar series to commemorate the five-year anniversary of UNSCR 2250 on Youth, Peace and Security, raise awareness of the YPS movement, and highlight prominent voices and topics in YPS.

Please join us for the first event of the series on August 12, International Youth Day from 11:30 am - 12:30 pm EST. This event will feature a conversation to socialize the YPS agenda, explore how youth are programmatically contributing to peacebuilding, and discuss the key ingredients for government support of YPS.

Moderated by Saji Prelis, this panel will bring in three prominent youth activists to discuss their work and highlight the importance of YPS, including: Vahe Mirikian, Peacebuilding Policy Officer at Peace Direct; Saumya Aggrawal, CEO and Co-Founder of Youth for Peace International; and Kessy Ekomo Soignet, Founder and Executive Director of URU.

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