Organized By : Protection Approaches

Protection Approaches is convening an online consultation aiming to map how European civil society is responding to rising identity-based violence within the region, at its borders and around the world. This online forum will be held from Tuesday 13 August to Thursday 15 August, and will bring together civil society practitioners, researchers, and local and community experts from across the continent to explore a series of key questions, including:

  • What are the obstacles facing, and opportunities for building, a more effective European civil society?
  • What are the lessons to be shared from successful civil society prevention work?
  • How can we break down the conceptual and practical barriers that exist between the fulfilment of prevention responsibilities at home and abroad?
  • What can European civil society do when populations are facing acute risk of identity-based violence?

The consultation will be facilitated on Platform4Dialogue, a discussion platform hosted by GAAMAC partner Peace Direct. During these three days, participants will be expected to log in and join the discussion at least once on each day, by reading the introductory reflection pieces, discussion questions, and comments of other participants, and then contributing by posting comments, responses, ideas, and examples.

The registration deadline to participate in the consultation is Friday, 5 August. Please sign up using this link.

For further information, read the full Call for Participation.