10th European Remembrance Symposium

1-3 Jun 2022 | Dublin

The aim of this year’s edition of the Symposium is to discuss the meaning and role of reconciliation in the context of both historical and contemporary European internal and international conflicts.

Addressing the multifaceted issue of reconciliation, participants of the 10th European Remembrance Symposium – representatives of governments, cultural and academic institutions and experts from non-governmental and public organizations – will examine the various steps leading to reconciliation and the ways in which events and individuals associated with this process are commemorated.

This symposium looks at current struggles as well as past examples of reconciliation initiatives and argues that historicising this subject is an important step towards building our future in Europe – together!

The symposium takes place at the Trinity College, The Burke Theatre in Dublin, Ireland, from 1 – 3 June 2022.

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