How can European states integrate commitments to the Responsibility to Protect in national policy?

10 Jun 2021 | Online

Organized By : Protection Approaches

No region is immune from the risks of identity-based violence and mass atrocity crimes. Across Europe, indicators of social fracture, democratic backsliding and identity-based violence, including mass atrocities, are rising. At the same time, many of the world's crises, from Xinjiang to Myanmar to Tigray are being fuelled by atrocity crimes. What can European states do to replicate their commitments to the Responsibility to Protect in their national policies, both domestic and international?

Bringing together experts in policy, governance, and practice from across the continent, this conversation explores what a European Responsibility to Protect could look like.


- Alicia Kearns - Member of Parliament for the United Kingdom
- Velma Šarić - Founder and President, Post-Conflict Research Center
- Luc Dockendorf - Focal Point for the Responsibility to Protect for Luxembourg

The conversation will be facilitated by Dr Kate Ferguson, co-founder and co-director of Protection Approaches and Chair of Policy at the European Centre for the Responsibility to Protect.

This webinar opens Interrogating Europe, a seminar series on Europe and R2P co-hosted by Protection Approaches and the European Centre for the Responsibility to Protect to explore the relationships between Europe and the principle of the Responsibility to Protect. The series will assess European efforts to help protect populations from mass atrocities crimes, consider if and how the principles of R2P and atrocity prevention can be applied within European borders, and interrogate the limitations of prevailing understandings of R2P that continue to guide regional responses to foreign and European crises.

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