Countering Hate: Identifying Gaps and Synergies in Prevention Efforts in Europe

27 Apr 2021 | Online

Organized By : Federal Department of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland

Hate speech, discrimination and incitement often precede the commission of mass atrocities. Amplified by technology and the COVID-19 pandemic, the rise of violence in Europe is a reminder that despite its history, the region is not immune.

Many prevention initiatives from European civil society and states address the root causes of manifestations of violence. Despite European countries facing similar challenges, there are, however, significant gaps in mutual awareness and interconnectedness across these prevention efforts.

Hosted by Working Group on Peace and Development (FriEnt), Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) with the support of GAAMAC, this interactive online workshop will aim to bring together relevant stakeholders, including state and civil society actors engaged in prevention at local, national and European levels. How can we connect and collaborate better with one another? What can we learn from peacebuilding efforts elsewhere? Together we will identify the gaps and synergies that need to be addressed to strengthen Europe’s peacebuilding architecture and prevention agenda.


Kate Ferguson, Co-Executive Director, Head of Research and Policy at Protection Approaches

Tanja Florath, Policy officer at the German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth

The session will be moderated by Mô Bleeker, Special Envoy for Dealing with the Past and Prevention of atrocities at the Swiss Federal Department Foreign Affairs (FDFA). 

27 April 2021, 16:00-17:30

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