Africa Working Group

During a plenary session at GAAMAC II on 3 February 2016, UN Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide, Mr. Adama Dieng, invited all participants to brainstorm and formulate concrete proposals to more effectively prevent atrocities.

Participants organically created four regional working groups from Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe and Latin America. Each group made concrete suggestions to address pertinent issues in their region.

The original members of the Africa Working Group are Ambassador Liberata Mulamula (Tanzania), Ms. Lina Zedriga Waru (Uganda), Dr. Ashad Sentongo (Uganda), Mr. Dismas Nkunda (Uganda), Mr. Frank O. Okyere (Ghana), Mr. Lawrence Orowe (Kenya), Mr. Aatsa Atogho (Cameroon), Mr. Wale Adeboye (Nigeria), Ms. Andie Lambe (Uganda/UK), Reverand Canon Thomas Godda (Tanzania) and Ms. Felistas Mushi (Tanzania).

The Africa Working Group’s suggestion to produce a Manual on creating and strengthening the management of national atrocity prevention architecture was chosen as the most practical proposal by the Special Adviser. The proposal subsequently received funding from the Swiss government for its realization.

A first version of the Manual on Best Practices for the Establishment and Management of National Mechanisms for Genocide and Mass Atrocities Prevention was presented at the global meeting GAAMAC III. Feedback from discussions during GAAMAC III was integrated, and the revised version was released in April 2019. It is currently available in English, French and Spanish.