GAAMAC Documents

GAAMAC Founding Document July 2015

As mandated at the first international meeting of GAAMAC (4-6 March 2014, San José, Costa Rica), the GAAMAC partners drafted a Founding Document to establish the core purposes of GAAMAC as:  (1) a network for exchange, dialogue and dissemination of learning and good practice in prevention and (2) a support to states to build their internal capacities to prevent mass atrocities and to develop and implement national preventive strategies.  Please see more below.

GAAMAC I - First International Meeting 

The first International GAAMAC meeting took place in San Jose, Costa Rica in March 2014 with more than 120 representatives from 52 states, the United Nations, regional organizations and civil society organizations.  This final document emanated from the first GAAMAC meeting.

For more information on GAAMAC I, click here.

GAAMAC II - Second International Meeting

The second International GAAMAC meeting was held in Manila, Philippines in February 2016 bringing together more than 200 individuals from 50+ states, 50 non-governmental organizations and ten international bodies.  The final Outcome Document is below.  The full meeting report and individual session summaries from GAAMAC II are available below.

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