Milan Forum for Parliamentary Action in Preventing Violent Extremism and Mass Atrocities

  •  Milan, Italy

By the Global Parliamentarians for Global Action, the Stanley Foundation, and the Montreal Insitute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies 

27-28 Novermber 2017 

The Milan Forum is a global initiative to counter violent extremism by working with lawmakers from all regions of the world and to create global democratic consensus in preventing violent extremism and mass atrocities.

The goal of the initiative is to mobilize legislators to adopt effective policies to defeat the ideology of violent extremists through strategies that can bring about their isolation while promoting human rights, inclusion, democracy and good governance, the Rule of Law, gender equality and healthy civil societies.

The Forum will be characterized by the congregation of 100-200 parliamentarians in representation of the Global Parliamentarians for Global Action network from 142 countries in Milan, Italy, on November 27-28, 2017. It will feature discussions that will focus on different subject areas, including justice, gender-equality, civil society and the rehabilitation of children.

Organized by: Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies