Regional Working Groups

During a plenary session at GAAMAC II on 3 February 2016, the UN Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide, H.E. Adama Dieng, invited all participants to brainstorm and formulate concrete proposals for moving forward together.

Four regional groups were then sponteneously constituted - the African group, the Asian group, the European and North American group, and the Latin American group. Each group made concrete suggestions for next steps pertinent to their region:

African Group Recommendations:

Create a regional working group to produce a manual through country consultative meetings, research and peer review workshops in order to facilitate formulation of and strengthen the management of national architectures towards atrocity prevention.

Asian Group Recommendations:

  1. GAAMAC II Manila – Asia participants will be the initial Asia-GAAMAC Network. Its main goal is to help build the national architecture of GAAMAC in our respective countries, through the framework of GAAMAC. Equally, while working towards the building of GAAMAC national (and regional/sub-regional) architecture, the process should help strengthen the Asian network as a potential mechanism of GAAMAC.
  1. In building the national mechanisms, a basic guiding principle is to strengthen Civil society-NHRI-State cooperation where a potential focal point is established representing the three entities.
  1. Through this cooperation, an initial plan must be arrived at:
    1. A country profile from each member country encouraging a research program to establish a baseline of relevant data needed
    2. Country workshops guided by Article 16 of the SDGs, and the popularization of the GAAMAC Declaration and the RtoP norm
    3. Share best practices on legal and political mechanisms contributing and building blocs towards the national (and regional/sub-regional) architectures, i.e. IHL law and (in PH cases) recognition of reparation law of Martial Law victims, etc.
  1. Develop the dialectical process of cooperation between national focal points and regional GAAMAC on the one hand, and national focal points, local governments and communities on the other hand, towards the over-all effort to build stable and sustainable societies working for the fulfillment of humanity both individually and collectively.

European and North American Group Recommendations:

Strengthening dialogue and partnership with governments, regional organizations, UN and civil society with a view to raising the political profile and operationalizing Atrocity Prevention and R2P.

Move from concept to practice.

Latin American Group Recommendations:

  1. Bearing in mind the development made by the 18 member states of the Latin American Network for Genocide and Mass Atrocity Prevention over its first three years of operation as a regional tool for mass atrocity prevention, GAAMAC should foster the creation and consolidation of regional initiatives in this field, aiming at promoting inclusive multisectorial dialogue and regional cooperation and joint collaboration effort in the development of national atrocity prevention architectures (I and II R2P Pillars).
  1. Alongside, GAAMAC should promote and deepen the dialogue among regional and global initiatives and networks, considering its’ complementary role on mass atrocity prevention.
  1. GAAMAC should promote the possibility for States and civil society organizations to cooperate on specific projects by sharing best practices, internal initiatives, lessons learned, and strengthening of national institutions;
  1. GAAMAC should foster a common curriculum on mass atrocity prevention within regional initiatives, fostering the implementation of regionally standardized training and capacity building on mass atrocity prevention. The curriculum developed by the Latin American Network for Genocide and Mass Atrocity Prevention should serve as a model for all other regions.