GAAMAC is a global

inclusive state-led initiative to prevent atrocities (genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing, crimes against humanity)

GAAMAC provides a platform

for exchange, dialogue, and dissemination of learning and good practice on prevention

GAAMAC supports States

to build their capacities to prevent atrocities as well as to develop and implement national preventive strategies

Listen to Adama Dieng, UN Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide, on why he supports GAAMAC:


Geneva Peace Week

5-9 Nov 2018 |  Geneva, Switzerland

"The Missing Picture": Rethinking Genocide Studies & Prevention

14-19 Aug 2019 |  Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Independent Assessment of the Human Rights Impact of Facebook in Myanmar

Posted 11/6/18, 2:56 PM

Facebook has responded to an independent assessment of its human rights impact in Myanmar, which it had mandated and which was carried out by...

International Declaration on Information and Democracy

Posted 11/6/18, 10:01 AM

Earlier this year, Reporters Without Borders created the Information and Democracy Commission, co-chaired by Nobel peace laureate Shirin...

Preventing Mass Atrocities

Posted 11/5/18, 10:09 AM

Ramesh Thakur, writing for United Nations Association - UK, stresses the enduring importance of the Responsibility to Protect: "R2P is an...

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