GAAMAC is a global

inclusive state-led initiative to prevent atrocities (genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing, crimes against humanity)

GAAMAC provides a platform

for exchange, dialogue, and dissemination of learning and good practice on prevention

GAAMAC supports States

to build their capacities to prevent atrocities as well as to develop and implement national preventive strategies

Listen to Adama Dieng, UN Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide, on why he supports GAAMAC:

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Six Steps to End Sexual Violence in War

Posted 10/17/18, 9:56 AM

Sexual violence is widespread and has been a long-standing issue in armed conflict. In recent years, it has been recognized as a deliberate...

"UN briefings: General Assembly 2018" by UNA-UK

Posted 9/26/18, 1:00 PM

The United Nations Association of the United Kingdom (UNA-UK) has prepared a comprehensive guide to this year's UN General Assembly meeting,...

Strengthening Cooperation for Atrocity Prevention in the Asia Pacific

Posted 9/25/18, 1:27 PM

Between 21 and 23 August 2018, actors in atrocity prevention met in Bangkok, Thailand, to assess the state of atrocity prevention and the...

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